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Scope of work

We are a high-quality service provider in structure and piping fabrication services, land based and heavy steel fabrication services and more.
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To build value by delivering services, products and solution in innovative and cost effective ways by setting the best standards in services.
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To improve overall performance and profitability and becoming one of the leading bumiputera company toward achieving the national’s vision.
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About Us

Tuah Effects Sdn Bhd (TESB) a wholly owned Bumiputera engineering firm was incorporated in Malaysia on April 8, 2005 with our core expertise in structure and piping fabrication particularly in oil and gas, fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) and general piping. Some of the piping job that we have completed is land based and heavy steel fabrication, including non-oil and gas steel fabrication. Fabricating meeting and process skids, fabricating general and process piping, general repairing for engine, pump, machine, motor and compressor, mechanical and electrical, thermal insulation construction and civil works.


Our Services


Structure and Piping Fabrication

Our team has the experience to detail and fabricate any type of structural and piping fabrication to support our clients needs.


Heavy Steel Fabrication

Land based and heavy steel fabrication, including non-oil and gas steel fabrication.


Mechanical and Electrical Works

We are a subcontractor responsible for the implementation of mechanical and electrical (“M&E”) systems in new building developments and major additions and alterations.


Thermal Insulation Works

Insulation products are designed to frustrate the transfer of heat across the material itself. There are three methods of heat transfer: radiation, conduction and convection.


Construction and Civil Works

Construction & Civil Engineering addresses the broad issues facing companies involved in the built environment.


Marine Services

We offer experience in providing marine services to support marine repairs or marine operation. One of our success project is Yokohama services rubber fenders at Johor Port.


Hydrotest Services

Hydrotests can play an essential role in establishing and maintaining effective pipelines.


Sea-Fastening Activities

We are committed to offering service of marine and offshore transportation with the capabilities of customizing solutions to suit client specific requirements.


Precision and Machinery Works

We provide services in fabricating and installing machinery parts and equipments, tools, and other hardware that are essential in modern manufacturing.


Client satisfaction is Important to us. They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends. When thinking about the importance of customers it is useful to remember the following points:

  • Repeat business is the backbone of selling. It helps to provide revenue and certainty for the business.
  • TESB are dependent upon our customers to develop customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • The purpose of the TESB is to fulfill the needs of the customers.

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